Talent 360

An all-inclusive talent lifecycle platform for Hire to Retire : The best AI software single platform from where you can manage yur Candidates, Partners, Clients Hiring Managers , Account Managers and Recruiters. One unified solution for all yur talent management needs in the digital world. Our platform will allow you to source from across the world and get the most of the resources

Talent Acquisition Reimagined

Rethink your candidate and clients experience and use the Talent 360 to create a competitive advantage for your organization when it comes to talent acquisition. Employment brand is important than the product or service brand

An all-inclusive platform for Talent Management

A single platform from where you can manage your Partners, Clients, Jobseekers, Alumni, Account Managers and Recruiters

Conversational AI for managing operations

Give the power of conversational AI to the team where they can carry out tasks and have their queries answered through ai voice bot .

Third party integrations

Get the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps through integrations with our platform e.g. Power BI, Client Portals, QuickBooks etc.

Conversational AI for Lead Generation

Have our sales bot on your website to provide a 24/7 service to all the prospective customers and further strengthen your lead generation

Seamless Candidate Experience

Candidates can self serve themself through our Conversational AI by getting information about the relevant jobs roles, their description and therafter apply to the ones they feel is the more suited for them

Auto alerts to Stake holders- Managers and Candidates

Keep the stakeholders notified of the whole interview process and the current state of the shortlisted profiles in the Job Order Pipeline.

Background verification and history check

Easily update the platform with status of the background verification carried our for a profile and keep the status updated for future references.

Recruitment process tracker

Through this best applicant tracking system you can have a graphical representation of the Job order pipeline showcasing the total number candidates and the progress through the different stages

Candidate and employee feedback

Capture the feedback from the stakeholders with their experience working with the recruitment team as well as their experience with applications. Use these information for improving and streamlining your user experience.

Candidate Sentiment Analysis report

Through this smart recruitment software draw out the NPS from the feedback by the candidates and improvise the process and engagement model.

Resume Parsing

The CV or Resume parsing software is a automated process that helps organization to analysis and parse the job resumes in a easier way.

Technical Capabilities

Our main capabilities based on technology that wil help your business to get the desired results


Increase in recruitment efficiency


Increase in employee productivity


Reduction in unplanned attrition

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