Talent Acquisition Reimagined

An all-inclusive platform for Talent Management

A single platform from where you can manage your Partners, Clients, Jobseekers, Alumni, Account Managers and Recruiters

Third party integrations

Get the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps through integrations with our platform e.g. Power BI, Client Portals, QuickBooks etc.

Conversational AI for managing operations

Give the power of conversational AI to the team where they can carry out tasks and have their queries answered through ai voice bot.

Conversational AI for Lead Generation

Have our sales bot on your website to provide a 24/7 service to all the prospective customers and further strengthen your lead generation

Talent Experience

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Increase in recruitment efficiency
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Increase in employee productivity
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Reduction in unplanned attrition

Talent search

Set Business Goals

Start by setting the business goals, where the talent acquisition strategy must be designed according to those goals in order to meet the business objectives.

Use a Data-Driven Approach

A data-driven strategy is key to ensure talent acquisition’s efficiency and success.This can help to figure out where a company’s top talent came from. HR teams can check which job descriptions, career pages, and emails perform better, and replicate them

Increase Outreach

Diversifying the sourcing approach requires the HR teams to identify the best place to look for specific talents, such as specialised job boards, linkedin and other networking platforms.

Improve the Employer Brand

Employer branding is critical for creating a talent acquisition strategy. This cannot be successful if it’s not backed up by a strong employer brand. Hence, creating an outstanding employer brand is key to attract top talent and achieve long-term success.


  • Job Order Distribution
  • Candidate Distribution Report
  • Job Order Pipeline

Job Order Distribution

Get analytics on the job order distribution by their timeline, type and by candidate distribution

Candidate Distribution Report

Understand how your Candidates are distributed across region, the source from which they have applied through and also number of candidate applications.

Job Order Pipeline

Have a look at the job order health by the status of the conversion throughput, accepted offers amongst the number of candidates that applied.