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Do you know that on any workday, your employees spend more than 40% of their time doing repetitive or mundane works which doesn’t add value to the business or enrich their work experience? Well not anymore, offload your repetitive and mundane tasks to an AI virtual assistant and it will be done without manual intervention.

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Change Facilitator

Help your organisation adapt to changes in a more organic way, through the use of our digital change assistant. Adopt a our digital assistant to experience and help with your digital transformation.

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Personal Facilitator

There was a time when senior and mid-level management had personal assistants who managed the admin and mundane tasks thus allowing them to focus on critical and important decision making. Employees spend a lot of their time in admin and mundane tasks which takes away from them, the time that could be spent in front of the client or more productively. The personal facilitator allows companies to increase the time available to their employees to focus more on revenue generating tasks!

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Project Z

Capital projects mean more paper than concrete, more crossing of fingers than collection of data, and more agonizing change orders than creative engineering design, forward looking plans, managing/ mitigating risks and issues.  

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Talent 360

Our unique end to end resource management tool offers a “cradle to grave” approach to resourcing, sourcing and managing the talent you need to select and arrange interviews, onboarding, managing invoices and payments for your contractors to final offboarding when required. All through one system!

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Services We Offer

Customised and best artificial intelligence software to suit your organisation

Enable your organisation to be the go to place for the brightest talent, and develop a truly enabled workforce

Let us help you create a truly agile enterprise ecosystem, able to adapt and flex and the market and the world changes around you.