• Scheduling

    Pre build project reports for programme and project management.

  • Cost Management

    Auto forecasting for all the projects to be done.

  • Insights

    Persona based dashboards available for informed decision making.

  • Contracts Management

    Every contract has a contract dashboard, with which they can use to view and control the flow.

Tailor-Made Features

There was a time when senior and mid-level management had personal assistants
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting

Integrated Planning And Scheduling

Cost Management

Contract Management


Integrate with your tools to provide best experience

We provide universal integration with all the already existing tools and software in your ecosystem. With easy integration comes the seamless adoption without disturbing your day to day activities.


  • Cost Breakdown
  • Project Timeline
  • WBS and DNO

Cost Breakdown

Understand the cost breakdown of your companies programs and their projects represented both graphically and in tabular details for better cost prediction and analysis.

Project Timeline

Have a look at your Organisation’s programs, projects and the breakdown of the involved activities with their progress on a timeline.

WBS And DNO Details

Quick overview of the WBS with a S Curve representation and a project wise distribution for direct and indirect costs incurred for the projects.