Project Z

Our patented unique platform which combines the power of P6 and Unifier with AI and ML which will help you to manage and deliver capital projects in a more efficient and effective way.


Some of the awesome benefits of the Nova Estate that would help you to see the results


Pre build project reports for programme and project management.


Persona based dashboards available for informed decision making.

Cost Management

Auto forecasting for all the projects to be done.

Contracts Management

Every contract has a contract dashboard, with which they can use to view and control the flow.

Integrated Planning And Scheduling

Project scheduling in a multi-vendor ecosystem
Pre-built data structures that allows organisations to adapt best practice 
Pre-built project templates that can be enhanced
Programme and project structures available out of the box
Rapid deployment and rollout
AI assisted project planning 

Cost Management
Cost Management

Contract management workflow configured
Integrated schedule, cost and contract management
Supports multi vendor environment
Adaptors for integration
Contractor collaboration platform
Data collected and stored for future reference
All contract information securely stored
Adaptors to link Finance and Material management
Single source of truth and audit trail maintained

Contract Management
Contract Management

Pre-configured workflow for NEC contracts
Supports bespoke contracts
Multi contract environment
Contract compliance management
Contract burn and change management linked to Plan
Spend analytics
AI assisted contract management


Pre built reports for project and programme management
AI and ML assisted decision making
Persona based dashboards available for informed decision making
Forecast reports for project
Contract dashboards
Contractor cockpit

Tailor-Made Features

There was a time when senior and mid-level management had personal assistants

Integrate with your tools to provide you Best Experience

We provide universal integration with all the already existing tools and software in your ecosystem. With easy integration comes the seamless adoption without disturbing your day to day activities.


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