Personal Facilitator

There was a time when senior and mid-level management had persona assitans who managed the admin and mudane tasks thus allowing them to focus on critical and important decision making.Employees spnd a lot of their time in admin and mundane tasks which tkes away from them, the time that could be spent in front of the client or more produtively.The personal facilitator allows companies to increase the time available to theiremployees to focus more on revenue generating tasks!

Why a Digital Assistant?

Taking away the repetitive tasks and the mundane operations give your employees their time back so they can grow and develop, let them focus on the important and not the mundane.

Manage Schedules

Manage your calendar, schedule a meeting, and manage your time effectively

Manage Workflow

Workflow across organisation and on all the levels

Approval Requests

Manage all POs, Sales orders, discounts, timesheets and travel requests.

ML enablement

Monitor patterns, usage and be ready for proactive support


Have a virtual project manager to work on behalf of PMOs

Document Manager

Manage all the available documents in the organisation without additional work.

Status Updates

Regular project status updates, risks and issues.

Internal and External Audit

Trained to Audit reports and suggest correctives

Who can get the maximum benefit?
  • High Level Executives
  • Directors
  • Travel Blogger
  • Entrepreneur
  • Doctors
  • Business Person
  • Traders

Techhical Capabilities

Our main capabilities based on technology that wil help your business to get the desired results

Who can get the maximum benefit



Business Persons


High Level Executives

Integrate with your tools to provide you Best Experience

We provide universal integration with all the already existing tools and software in your ecosystem. With easy integration comes the seamless adoption without disturbing your day to day activities.


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