Business Use Cases

Lead Generation & Qualification Chatbot Templates

Customer feedback on all products

Give them details on your offerings

Let your customers view and select the type of contract they would want to enroll in

Help clients pay their rent and payment easy than ever

Have an easy display of Properties to them from your list

Get the details of the customer details and expectations

Helping them understand your offerings and solutions

Feedbacks and query addressing

Status of the consulting and updates

Helping the client communicate their requirement

Feedback to employer and employee

Interview alerts and updates

CV submission and Role Identification

Employees and Employers access

Bills and EMIs payment

Customer queries and Order Tracking

Welcoming Customer and Product Display

Alumini and organisational communication

Student Fee payment

Students selecting the courses and faculty introduction

Student Enquiries on curriculum

Special/Corporate offers.

Customer Bills

Customer queries and Services

Connection Booking/ Connection Enquiry

Connect with Tour guides and experts

Help customer pay the bills

Help client plan, book their travels and destinations