Top 10 things to consider while evaluating Applicant Tracking System Software

Do you think that you are spending more time screening unmatched resumes?

Then It’s time for you to change your recruitment process by using the right technology for your organisation. 

An applicant tracking system is one of the best places where  Artificial Intelligence can bring in huge savings starting from attracting talent, search, rank and recommend candidates according to the job description. It is the recruiter software that helps companies hire talent and standardize the processes. The core aspect of the ATS is to streamline and organise the hiring process. Organisations can track the applicants and the hiring process from start to end using this best applicant tracking system. 

There are so many different ATS tools available in the market but choosing the right tool is always a challenge . Below are some of the factors when evaluating an Application the tracking system

# 1:Organisation Ease of Use

The recruitment process varies from organisation to organisation. The first and foremost thing is to consider the applicant tracking software should be easy to use for your organisation’s hiring process where it should be clear, to the point, and easy to handle. Make sure to use the trial version before you get into pricing.

#2: Technical Capabilities

ATS Smart recruitment software should streamline the entire recruitment process including all stages of the hiring process. By using this software companies can perform different aspects of the hiring process such as job posting creation, application tracking, resume parsing, and other tasks. The smart recruitment software should also help to organise candidate interviews, collect feedback from past candidates and manage applicant tracking systems.

#3: Automate the process

One of the biggest reasons for going behind the ATS is to stop manual processing and save time through this automation process. The manual screening of a large number of resumes is an overwhelming process for the recruiters. The applicant tracking software automates the applicant hiring process and reduces the admin burden completely. No recruitment team or admin requires to engage with applications manually. This helps in friction-free recruiting candidates in an automated process.

Offer ATS software sends automated follow-up emails, reminders, and other communications in order to keep applicants informed about their application status and to encourage them to complete their interviews and other required steps in the process.

#4: Eliminate duplicate processes 

This ATS software should eliminate duplicate processes and workflows that waste time, and resources and also provide candidates with one unified view of their opportunities and skills. Simplify candidate tracking and reporting to help HR managers to make informed decisions.

Ensure important features

  • Collect candidates’ resumes with one single click
  • Analyze and provide candidates with unique opportunities and skills
  • Simplify candidate tracking and reporting to help managers make informed decisions
  • It should increase transparency and accountability in the hiring process.

#5: Comprehensive Insights

The powerful customizable dashboard helps to manage, analyse and track progress. The most important thing to consider is to check if  the recruitment dashboard is comprehensive and detailed.  It should give customised, personalised insights about Job orders, Process funnel, recruiters productivity, customer feedback and more . The dashboard also helps to monitor and observe the current status of the workflow.

#6: Social Media Capabilities

Figure out if the ATS will allow you to post jobs on social media sites. Also, find out whether they charge a fee per posting. Additionally, find out if the ATS will allow recruiters to run a campaign on social media or e-mail them to others who might be interested in one of your organization’s jobs—or whether your organization can develop an internal applicant pool with employee references and referrals. 

#7: Reporting and Flexibility

Reporting capabilities allow hiring managers and other stakeholders to view the status of their hiring process, including the status of open and submitted job postings, the status of applicants, hiring decisions, etc. Most ATS applications some form of reporting or data capabilities for stakeholders. The functionality may vary depending on the vendor and the needs of your organisation.

Also, The requirement of business can change according to the feature trends when you are purchasing the ATS software check for the upgraded feature which provide a great assist for now and future. If this software has no upgraded option then spending money on the same software is not worthwhile.

#8: Applicant Records storage

There are many applicants who might apply for the same job, unfortunately, the openings will be for one candidate but still, the application tracking system software will store all applicant records and they can be invited where there is an open position. It is all about attracting the right talent and making the best of the the gathered data.

#9: Mobile optimimized ATS

Today most people use the mobile phone instead of switching to the desktop option, especially during their travel. The HR manager can’t always be at the desk as they can recruit from where ever they are on the way to the meeting, on bus, car, or train. So, choose the application tracking system software that is also mobile-optimized.

#10: Reviews and Ratings

Before you choose the best applicant tracking system, you should check the reviews and ratings of the software. This will give you an idea about the features, performance, and usability of the product before you buy it. Once you have completed your research, then finalise your choice of application tracking system software.

Final Thoughts

Analyzing and Investing in the Best AI Software saves you time and headaches. Choose your Applicant tracking software wisely! The buyers should also determine the pricing, features, and how well this software can be integrated with other technology and platform in your HR Hiring system. The main purpose of smart recruitment software is to help employers save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks such as sending out resumes and conducting interviews. Whether it is a small or large organisation every company wants the best candidate working for them, the applicant tracking software will assist you to focus on hiring them all in one single platform by saving your energy, time, and money.