The Restless Traveller and how Conversational AI can help him.

The Restless Traveller and how Conversational AI can help him.

A 32 year old young man sets out on his vacation after a year long hassle of staying indoors. Lucky enough for you, he has decided to plan his travel through your portal which you have been running for almost three years now. After a carefully chalked out plan, he sets off on his expectantly amazing journey. Unfortunate enough for him, he finds out that he failed to note down his place of stay in the airport immigration. He immediately reaches out to you to get a copy of the address but it was not your working hours so nobody was available to help him out. Your customer is going through a bad experience at the start of his supposedly happy vacation and you were not there to help him out.

An elderly couple is on their way to the US to meet their children whom they haven’t met in a long time. Not acclimated to the technology, they somehow end up in a bus transit point but forgot which bus to take. Not aware of how to access mails, they reach out to your agency to get the details required, as you are their travel advisor for their trip. Due to a technical issue at your office, your employees were not able to help the client out, thereby unintentionally putting an elderly couple in panic.

Both the above cases have a most possible common outcome, neither of the clients will mostly be planning their next trip with you.

So, what would have been the change of scenario here if you have effectively deployed an AI solution, conversational AI in this case. How would it possibly have a diverse effect on how your customer looks at you and the service offered by you? Well, let us get back to how a traditional successful business performed in the past.

It is all about availability, how easily you are accessible to the customer. If you are a business who the customer can think about and the next immediate emotion that they will relate to would be reliability and comfort, you are already there. Traditional businesses made this a practice. They made sure that their customers relied on them completely and they delivered what they promised.

Travel and Tourism is a highly agile industry. This is one of the few businesses where your clients constantly keep moving, thereby giving more reasons to always be ready and on standby to help them travel across as smoothly as possible. Now in an ideal situation, you would not be able to sit across and be available all the time. Hiring multiple customer service executives is not a viable option either because you will end up paying for the time When there is no actual productivity.

This is where your business’s adaptation towards conversational AI will make a huge difference in your market approach. Your customers will feel the availability of information, plans, data, tickets and all destinations from your organisation. By improving your accessibility to information seamlessly, by letting them talk to your business in a natural language is going to give you an edge over people of all age groups to appeal to your business.

As a developing organisation who are in the process of acquiring new clients, it is only advisable you stay close to your customer throughout their journey. Travel with them, let them talk to you, ask questions and be the silent team mate who is ready for them when required. This can be made possible through conversational AI and getting one with the customer’s team increases retention, promotes word of mouth which in turn is going to increase your business prospects constantly. provides a ready to use product which will help your customer reach out to information 97% faster. Feel free to email us if you are interested in a demo on how to retain customers and increase ROI.