Why a Digital Assistant?

Taking away the repetitive tasks and the mundane operations give your employees their time back so they can grow and develop, let them focus on the important and not the mundane.

Manage Schedules

Manage your calendar, schedule a meeting, and manage your time effectivel

Approval Requests

Manage all POs, Sales orders, discounts, timesheets and travel requests.

Manage workflow

Workflow across organisation and on all the levels

ML enablement

Monitor patterns, usage and be ready for proactive support

What is a Digital Assistant?

Who can get the maximum benefit

  • High Level Executives

  • Directors

  • Travel Blogger

  • Entrepreneur

  • Doctors

  • Business Person

  • Traders

Find out a model of how we can help you according to your industry. Take a look and see for yourself.

Integrate with your tools to provide best experience

We provide universal integration with all the already existing tools and software in your ecosystem. With easy integration comes the seamless adoption without disturbing your day to day activities.


  • User Distribution
  • User Feedback
  • Trend Analytics

User Distribution

Have a look at the user distribution by location, group and their most used features and activities.

User Feedback

Look at the user feedback and compute the NPS score to better understand the product usage and suggested improvements for future implementations.

Trend Analytics

Get an understanding of the most used product features and the usage distribution over a period of time.