5 Ways to spruce up your online travel business post covid era.

5 Ways to spruce up your online travel business post covid era.

Travelling is one of the global activities and a seasonal phenomenon for a lot of people. Then past year has not been encouraging for travel enthusiasts, as covid barred people from stepping out of their homes, leaving aside taking a vacation. Now, as things are getting back to normal with the roll out of vaccines, every travel enthusiast is about to unleash his inner traveller and go out to as many travels to get the longing out of their system.

Like many other industries, travel planning and execution has also become an online business, where statistics say more than 80% of the current day’s traveller plan their travel using online portals and online aggregators. Needless to say, most of your competition in the travel industry are also present online, giving your prospects a wide array of options to choose from.

In such a competitive environment, how is your business going to stay out and stay unique? The internet is crowded and without being a differentiator and user friendly, building up your client base and retaining it might be challenging. We have studied and analysed 5 easy to implement points in your business which will enable you to get to the frontline a bit more easily.

1) Plan with your prospects:
Even though your prospects who reach out to you for bookings have a plan in their mind already, it is a great value addition if you are able to make it better. Your knowledge of what would be the best fit according to their requirements will help them understand that you know more about designing a good vacation than anyone else, which will in turn intimate them to stay with you and stick to you for the current vacation that they are planning and will make them return to you for their future vacations

2) Understand their spending power:
Whatever is the idea, vacations involve a lot of spending and most online travel businesses online focus more on increasing their billing value. Every customer would like to have the best vacation at the least spending they can possibly do. As per statistics, 40% to 50% of the travellers involve students and young adults, who would like to travel within the budget.

Helping customers make better decisions with their spendings and helping them save money on every travel plan of theirs is going to help your customer retention rate. When your customers understand that you are more value focused than earning focused, they are going to get back to you automatically throughout their lifetime for planning all the vacations which they would like to take. Hey, not burning a hole through your customers pocket sounds like a solid plan *wink wink*.

3) Realise that every traveller has a unique purpose of their travel.
You cant try to send a party seeking youngster on a couple’s getaway package. You cannot just do it to that teenager who was looking for some high energy fun and instead put him in a romantic hotel which has a jazz candlelight dinner. Your business should be able to understand every traveller’s point of view and help them arrive at tailor made plans which will suit their personality and liking. Unlike other aggregators who just try to sell their most profitable business plans to people of all kinds, try and stand out by giving the customers the kind of plans which they might need.

4) Make your business easily accessible at all times.
When it comes to travelling across geographies, your travellers will feel secure if you make sure to assist them through every step of the way. If you are a business trying to scale up, you will not be able to hire a lot of people across time zones to keep in touch or be available with your customers who are travelling. Businesses like this should be leveraging technology to address this. Implementing a conversational AI, like Novacept, will let your travellers and prospects easily reach out to you at all times, help you stay by your customer’s side at all times. This will help you address the customers travelling throughout all time zones and will make customer’s feel that you are one in their team and a part of their travel group.

5) Always put the customer’s safety first.

The world has experienced a pandemic very recently that is something which we have never experienced before. It has been a cumulative experience for the entire humanity and we are still processing the happenings of the past year. So, now it becomes a default requirement that all travellers would like safety to be an inclusive point of consideration. As a business, please consider this as a very integral part of the offering to your customers. When you communicate to your customers that you consider safety as important as the traveller, the comfort will convert into your customers.

With the evolving traveller interest and the inclusion of online portals, it is in your best interest for you to focus on your business in the up and coming years. With Novacept by your side, serving the customers becomes easier and easier that your concentration can shift towards customer satisfaction and retention.